RapidComposer Editions And Feature Comparison

Listed here is a brief feature comparison between the LE and Standard editions of RapidComposer.

RapidComposer LE
for serious hobbyist musicians and composers
for professional composers
Core functionality: creating, editing, generating phrases, phrase and rhythm generators, variations...
VSTi 2.4 and soundfont (.SF2) support
Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording
Audio tracks
Standalone and VST version (both for Windows and OS X)
Melody Generator
that can be assigned to phrases and individual notes
Idea Tool
to generate a multitrack composition based on your rules
Phrase Morphing
is a unique feature not found in other applications
Unlimited tempo and signature changes in the composition  
Demo version
(file import/export disabled, MIDI drag-and-drop count limited, Melody Generator removed)
for WindowsWindows
64-bit for macOSmacOS
for WindowsWindows
64-bit for macOSmacOS
(includes all v3.XX updates, support, and installation on two computers)
USD 79
USD 199

Customers of the light edition can upgrade to the standard edition anytime for the price difference (USD 120).

Of course if you have any questions concerning any of the features within the editions of RapidComposer, you can always email us on the contact page and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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