Version History

December 19, 2016: v3.13

  • Fixed: "Active Track (Chord+Bass)" could not be chosen from the chord preview menu
  • Fixed: Changing chord naming for the master track does not transpose phrases
  • Fixed: The downloaded extra phrases were not sorted into subdirectories as in earlier versions
  • [VST] Chord preview did not work without a track selection, and other issues
  • [VST] Problems with Local Sequencer fixed
  • [VST] Fixes for non-sounding notes at the beginning when host provides strange sample offsets
  • [OS X] Fixed crash when initiating dragging
  • [OS X] Shift key did not work with shortcuts

November 12, 2016: v3.12 (Windows only)

  • [Windows] Fixed: soundfonts added by the user became silent in v3.1 (data folder migration issue)
  • [Windows] Fixed: VST plug-in could not find the standalone executable (data folder migration issue)

November 8, 2016: v3.11 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: chord detection improved
  • MIDI Import: errors in MIDI files (overlapped and zero-length notes) handled gracefully during import
  • Fixed crash that occured during startup under some circumstances
  • Fixed regression (rendering problems when using 'Join Notes' in a track)

November 2, 2016: v3.1 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: display detected scale, live chords preview, file and selected tracks info, 'Trim Silence' option
  • MIDI Import: Channel 10 handling option (join, split), better instrument selection, redesigned UI
  • MIDI Import: phrase detection: the midi events are automatically grouped in phrases. Similar and same note groups are recognized.
  • MIDI Import: improved "Import MIDI Into Current Composition".
  • Track templates added. Save complete tracks and restore them from the Track browser.
  • Track mute/solo logic changed, allowing you to select multiple tracks as solo. Solo and mute states are independent (solo overriding mute)
  • [Windows] WASAPI audio support (shared and exclusive mode)
  • Added "Convert To Phrase Generator" in the phrase inspector
  • Master track chords can be transposed by semitones (found in the master track inspector)
  • New phrase generator: 'Rest' to be used in the Idea Tool
  • New variation: "Rotate Notes"
  • New variation: "Remove Short Notes"
  • 'Sustain Notes' option added in 'Apply Rhythm' variation
  • 'Truncate Phrase' option added to 'Delay Notes'
  • 'Fill' and 'Velocity For Filled Notes' options added to 'Arpeggiator'
  • 'Mute Original Notes' option added in 'Add Interval' variation
  • Group entry has a menu with recent groups
  • New shortcut: "Preview Edited Phrase With Unmuted Tracks"
  • New shortcut: "Stop Playback/Jump To Playback Start Position" (Shift+Enter by default)
  • Default track view options can be set in the preferences
  • Midi file name is displayed for dropped midi file instead of "midi"
  • "Rescan Midi Devices" button added under Settings / MIDI
  • 9 new phrase arrangements added in Idea Tool (for 3 and 4 used phrases)
  • 48 new interesting "5 in 16 pulses" clave patterns in the Rhythm browser
  • Improved 'Join Notes' when applied on a phrase; it works as expected
  • New setting to use UTF-8 sharp and flat characters (enabled by default)
  • New setting: "Export Chords As MIDI Markers" (when exporting MIDI files)
  • You are asked to save or discard the edited phrase, if you set "Always Confirm Discarding Edited Phrase" (disabled by default)
  • Ctrl+Shift+click can be used on the Master track to select a chord box even if clicked on the chord name
  • It is possible to open composition files (.rcCOMP) by doubleclicking on them (both on OS X and Windows)
  • The "GeneralUser GS" soundfont is distributed with RapidComposer.
  • [Windows] RapidComposerV3 folder is moved to /Users/<name>/Documents.
  • [VST] When enabling 'Use Host Tempo' the RC VST plug-in will follow the host tempo changes
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

June 27, 2016: v3.04 (OS X and Windows)

  • Fixed the issue when EZkeys/EZdrummer had no sound when the composition was reloaded

June 20, 2016: v3.03 (OS X and Windows)

  • [OS X] VST editor window size was not correct for NI Massive. Dynamic sizing of the VST editor window by the plug-in works well.
  • Fixed division by zero crash when there was no valid audio interface set
  • Better error handling when setting up audio. Alert windows appear over the application window rather than behind it...
  • Text editing issue fixed which appeared in v3.01. Second Enter press was ignored.
  • Fixed: pop-up help did not appear after some time

June 5, 2016: v3.02 (OS X and Windows)

  • "Deactivate License" button added under Support
  • All issues with the timeline resize handle were fixed. Better visibility when scrolling to the rightmost position.
  • Sometimes chords with an octave '5' appeared in generated progressions. This is fixed.
  • Possible crash in melody generator fixed
  • [OS X] Rare crash fixed when clicking with the mouse
  • [OS X] Text editing box remained on screen when editing the timecode or song position

May 24, 2016: v3.01 (OS X and Windows)

  • Ctrl-Alt-O (Windows) or command-option-O (OS X) or Alt/option+click on "Open Composition..." will skip loading the VST plug-ins
  • Added 'group' entry in the Save Phrase dialog
  • 'Expression' can be used for velocity scaling. Its value goes from 0 to 200% which means the velocity values can be multiplied by 2
  • Fixed hanging during dropping a rhythm pattern to 'Apply Rhythm'
  • Fixed a bug when saving custom phrases
  • [OS X] Fixed crash during chord entry in Chord Rules Editor

May 11, 2016: v3.0 (OS X and Windows)

  • The whole user interface was reworked
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete/duplicate... operations work on the 4 keyboard focus areas (track list, composition, timeline, master track)
  • Customizing all colors is possible, import/export UI themes
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts, import/export shortcuts, export them as html, or open in browser
  • The newly rewritten Idea Tool is more flexible, logical and easier to use than before and is part of the main composition workspace
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete operations work in the phrase editor
  • Various note transformations through shortcuts and more note coloring options in the phrase editor
  • More note coloring options
  • New rhythm browser
  • Rhythm can be dragged from one phrase to the other, or from the rhythm browser to phrases
  • Improved rhythm editing, add rests, alter note lengths
  • New variation: "Apply Rhythm". You can slice notes of an existing phrase using a rhythm pattern.
  • New rhythm generator: "Euclidean Rhythm"
  • New phrase generator: "Arpeggiator"
  • Improved stability
  • Dozens of other improvements

June 19, 2015: v2.91 (OS X only)

  • Fix for a hanging bug when clicking on pop-up menus (e.g. when selecting a VST plug-in in the track inspector)

June 16, 2015: v2.9 (OS X and Win)

  • Harmonization of melody using two different algorithms.
  • Brand new VST plug-in which communicates with the application through a bridge
  • The new note inspector lets you conveniently edit the properties of multiple notes, with several transformations on selected notes
  • Improved rhythm editing
  • New variation: 'Simplify Phrase' to make the rhythm simpler of any phrase
  • New variation: 'Adjust Note Lengths v2' for fine control of note lengths, even with envelopes
  • New variation: 'Add Chord Notes' which is similar to 'Add Interval' but adds only chord notes
  • New variation: 'Extract Rhythm'
  • Ghost copies can be moved to other tracks. This opens new possibilities in the program.
  • It is possible to specify the length of the rhythm to allow rhythmic repetitions for longer phrases.
  • 'Join Notes' has a new option to inhibit joining notes at chord boundaries
  • 'Add Interval' offers interval of 'second'
  • New note mappings: 'Bass note+semitones' and 'Bass note+scale steps'
  • The application can send certain keystrokes to the VST host in VST bridge mode (see Settings / Miscellaneous)
  • It is possible to use 'Render Phrase With Variations' on absolute phrases.
  • Octave is not shown in chord names on the master track when using roman numeral notation
  • Chord inversion is displayed on the master track using less space to improve readability
  • New phrase generator preview button to play back all other tracks with the phrase
  • 'Apply' button is enabled when you edit a phrase from the phrase inspector
  • 'Add To Clipboard' button added in the phrase editor
  • Dragging the piano keyboard vertically and zooming (Ctrl-drag) works in the Phrase Editor and Phrase Inspector
  • The master track inspector opens when you right-click on the master track header
  • Pressing Shift during moving or resizing notes will ignore the snap setting
  • The Idea Tool has a new setting to leave existing track configuration untouched.\tThis means the instruments, variations and MIDI controllers will not be overwritten by the Idea Tool.
  • Note lengths are not expressed in beats anymore. Quarter note (1/4) is used as a 'beat'.
  • [VST] fix a crashing bug during MIDI import
  • Bug fix: the state of some VST plug-ins were not saved in the history (program change was not always detected)
  • Bug fix: a MIDI file importing problem when tracks with the same name and channel were treated as one track fixed
  • Bug fix: sometimes the window became very wide when the application started
  • Other fixes and increased stability

February 28, 2015: v2.84 (OS X and Win)

  • Faster application startup: custom phrases are loaded asynchronously
  • Sending and receiving MIDI Start/Stop/Continue and Song Position Pointer can be enabled separately
  • [Windows] Installation from Windows standard user account fixed.
  • Fixed crash when using the 'Auto' scale
  • Fixed occasional crash during phrase preview
  • [OS X] crash at the beginning of drag operation fixed
  • [OS X] stack overflow on 10.10 and other crashing bugs in the OS X version fixed
  • Various minor bug fixes

February 3, 2015: v2.83 (OS X and Win)

  • MIDI rendering bug fixed during loop playback
  • MIDI export handles overlapping notes correctly when beginning at the same time
  • .rcUI extension is added automatically when saving UI themes
  • When filling a track with phrases, the default length for generators is used
  • It is not possible to fill a track with Phrase Morpher anymore
  • Fixed wrong colors when 'Color: By Common Notes' was used in palette
  • New color scheme for 'Color: By Common Notes'
  • Bug fix for the chord buttons displaying '...' in the phrase preview

January 26, 2015: v2.82 (OS X and Win)

  • Faster Undo/Redo when VST plug-ins used; VST states are not restored unnecessarily
  • 'Collapse All' button added in the Variations browser
  • New setting: Remember browser positions and sizes (disabled by default)
  • Import MIDI continuous controllers from MIDI files
  • 'Loading composition...' is displayed during loading a composition and loading VST plug-ins, which may take seconds
  • MIDI controllers are reset when playback is starting (Reset All Controllers + reset pan and volume)
  • Browser filter button colors can be set in the preferences and are part of the UI theme
  • Fixed timeline selection by Shift-dragging which selected beats beyond the end of line
  • Fixed 'Remove First Beat' and 'Insert One Beat Before First' in phrase editor
  • Bug fix: when a chord progression was dropped on the timeline sometimes the previously selected progression was used
  • Bug fix: Undo sometimes created unwanted VSTi plug-in instances
  • Bug fix: compositions containing 'Line' generator were not loaded
  • Bug fix: loading an idea preset made phrases and variations appear multiple times
  • Bug fix: note velocity values were reset sometimes during loop playback
  • Various other optimizations and bug fixes

January 6, 2015: v2.81 (Windows only)

  • Fix for a crashing bug during chord progression preview

January 5, 2015: v2.8 (OS X and Win)

  • Brand new redesigned phrase/instrument/scale/chord/chord progression browsers with advanced searching, filtering, tagging, grouping, sorting, displaying capabilities, using conditional expressions when needed. Use the 'right click' to preview or add tags.
  • It is possible to arrange custom phrases in hierarchical directories.
  • Removing a phrase is non-destructive (a dot is inserted in front of the filename which will be ignored)
  • Assign tags to multiple instruments, phrases. It is also possible to display and filter by tags.
  • Very precise MIDI sequencer used automatically when all tracks are MIDI
  • MIDI only usage is possible without setting an audio interface
  • [VST] An internal sequencer is added. It is possible to choose between local transport or host transport.
  • [VST] The internal logic was reworked. As a result the plug-in will work better (especially looping) in some hosts.
  • Each track has its own midi output device, allowing virtually unlimited number of midi outputs
  • MIDI drag-and-drop is possible directly on a track or in the phrase editor
  • Holding down the Ctrl key when dropping a phrase from the browser over a phrase in the composition will extract the rhythm from the source phrase which is then applied to the target phrase
  • It is possible to specify key-switch velocity for articulations
  • New note shape preference offers note graphical rendering with narrowing end
  • 16th note triplet added to the available snap and grid options
  • 'Collapse All' button is added to browsers
  • Exporting tracks as individual WAV/AIFF files
  • 'Split Phrases At Bar Boundaries' added to Timeline inspector
  • New scale type: Auto (scale is assigned automatically based on the chord)
  • Fixed note articulations
  • Other bug fixes

September 15, 2014: v2.73 (OS X and Win)

  • Melody Generator handles scale changes inside the phrase
  • New option in melody generator to use scale+chord notes (even if chord has notes that are outside the scale)
  • New preference: "Allow transposition in guitar tracks"
  • New preference: "Open VST plug-in editor window after it was loaded"
  • Fix a bug when the phrases were not recalculated when the chord changed in the chord suggestion pop-up
  • Bass Generator fixed (connecting notes were transposed unnecessarily)
  • Chord suggestion popup does not close for an inside click, only closed when you click outside
  • MIDI program change is not inserted into MIDI clips for VST/SF2 tracks, and for MIDI tracks using the 'No Patch Change' preset
  • Issues with gluing phrases in a guitar track fixed
  • [OS X][VST] due to a software build issue logging was enabled, making the plug-in irresponsive

August 23, 2014: v2.72 (OS X and Win)

  • New variation: Delay Notes. You can apply +/- delay to tracks by using it.
  • 'All Notes Off' is not sent to VST plug-ins or MIDI instruments anymore. Instead individual 'Note Off' messages are sent to avoid hanging notes.
  • Bug fix: the last composition was not loaded when it should have to
  • [VST] fix for looping issues in the VST plug-in
  • 'Add Interval' used the wrong interval when added to a track
  • Fix crash in Idea Tool when using 8-bar long phrases in a smaller composition
  • The soundfont playback is forced to use the same sample rate as the audio device
  • Bug fix: Ghost phrases should not display and handle 'phrase local history'
  • [VST] Bug fix: double clicking on "VST Output" on the instruments page crashed the host

August 13, 2014: v2.71 (OS X and Win)

  • [VST] bug fix: crash when unloading the VST plug-in fixed. This also occured when some DAWs scanned the VST folder to read information from plug-ins.

August 11, 2014: v2.7 (OS X and Win)

  • Chord suggestions (left click on a chord)
  • It is easier to input chords using the MIDI keyboard or by entering text
  • Phrase local history implemented: save and recall previous states of phrase generation
  • The scale, tempo and signature properties are displayed on the master track and editable with a single click\tRight/secondary click on the master track allows you to add or remove scale/tempo/signature.
  • Chord progression rules editing
  • Chord progression generation based on probability rules
  • About 260 new chord progressions for major and minor scales used in pop music (registered version only)
  • It is possible to set the initial length of the inserted phrase generators
  • New phrase variation: 'Spread Out Chord Notes' to make a fuller sound from any phrase
  • 4 new schemes are added to the Chord Generator to spread out chord notes in octaves
  • Chord names fixed in traditional notation
  • Fixes in chord palette to remember window size
  • Bug fix: crashing issues when enabling "Start With Empty Master Track" fixed
  • Bug fix: freezing when saving composition for the first time eliminated
  • Bug fix: MIDI export and MIDI drag and drop from the VST plug-in to the host did not work well
  • Bug fix: chord preview did not work well in the VST plug-in
  • Other bug fixes

May 15, 2014: v2.64 (OS X and Win)

  • Strumming variation reworked to offer more options
  • New variation: 'Add Interval' with polyphony option
  • 'Join Notes' has an option for not joining notes at line boundaries
  • Probabilistic Rhythm offers more divisions: 2,3,4,6,8 beats
  • Fix Phrase Morpher that sometimes created very high notes
  • Grid is displayed for MIDI controllers and other continuous parameters
  • Soundfont memory handling optimized
  • 'Auto Save&Open Last Edited Composition' became two separate settings
  • Bug fix: browser and inspector colour preferences were not saved and restored
  • Bug fix: possible crash during quitting the program eliminated
  • Bug fix: MIDI files without tempo were not imported at all
  • Bug fix: occasional hanging when changing instrument in the track inspector eliminated
  • [VST][OS X] crash fixed when the VST plug-in did not populate the ~/Documents/RapidComposerV2 folder when the standalone version was not run before
  • [VST] Bug fix: soundfont preview could have incorrect pitch because of sample rate mismatch between RC and the DAW
  • [VST] Bug fix: preview works again
  • [VST] Bug fix: when the plug-in instance was deleted and instantiated again, clicking on the chord palette crashed

April 26, 2014: v2.63 (OS X and Win)

  • [VST] Serious bug when restoring the VST plug-in state fixed
  • Bug fix for selecting a timeline range

April 15, 2014: v2.62 (OS X only)

  • [OS X] Fix MIDI drag-and-drop on Studio One
  • Fix for a crashing bug when renaming parts or lines in the structure inspector

April 13, 2014: v2.62 (Windows only)

  • [Windows XP] Fix for a freezing issue with new locks introduced in v2.6 (affects only Windows XP users).

April 9, 2014: v2.61 (Windows only)

  • [Windows] Drag-and-drop stopped working in the program. Fixed.

April 9, 2014: v2.6 (OS X and Win)

  • [OS X] 64-bit VST plug-in and standalone is included
  • Idea Tool is usable in the VST plug-in (in full edition)
  • New phrase generator: Strings Staccato Generator with Density setting
  • New phrase generator: Piano Run Generator with several techniques
  • New phrase generator: Dyads Run
  • New variation: Mirror Vertically (melodic inversion)
  • Two new phrase properties added: 'Mask Beginning' and 'Time Offset'
  • Dragging the left edge of a phrase masks notes at the beginning
  • Shift-dragging a phrase changes the time offset of the phrase events
  • Sending and receiving MIDI Start/Stop/Continue and sending MIDI Clock messages implemented
  • 'Velocity' added to variations so that you have full control over note on velocities
  • Unghost phrases
  • Timeline range selection changed: use Shift-drag and Shift-click for selection/deselection
  • Fill track with phrases can use the timeline range
  • [OS X] Virtual MIDI Output created that you can select as source in your DAW
  • During note editing the note name is displayed next to the mouse pointer
  • 'Persist Name' and 'Auto Increment' added to the phrase editor to improve workflow
  • An optional name field is added to 'Save Selected Phrases' which is auto-incremented if it contains a number.
  • Progress information is displayed when saving phrases, loading and analysing MIDI files
  • MIDI drag-and-drop improvements: drag selected range on the timeline or active part/line only
  • UI improvements on the VST settings page, "Scan For Plug-ins" implemented
  • 'Triplet' and 'Eighth Note Triplet' snap and grid is available in rhythm 'Manual Editing'
  • 'Split Phrases At Chord Boundaries' in timeline inspector (Keyboard shortcut: '|')
  • Batch conversion of MIDI files to phrases
  • Adjustable Popup Help Delay in the preferences
  • 'New composition' default settings can be specified in the preferences
  • It is possible to disable soundfont rendering in the RC VST plug-in
  • [OS X] UI rendering improvements to decrease processor usage during playback
  • [OS X] Foundation classes and VST plug-in handling reworked to increase stability
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Select All Phrases In Current Track': Ctrl-A
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Regenerate All Selected Generators' : Ctrl-G
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Select Nth Track' : Alt-1..9
  • Fix for a bug when splitting phrases that had 'scale' as the resizing mode
  • Fix window resizing issue when in full screen mode
  • Built-in sequencer was made very precise
  • Latency issues with loop playback were fixed
  • Occasional muted notes during playback of a humanized track fixed
  • Chord palette does not reset its settings and window size when new chord selected
  • Empty beats are not removed when saving a phrase in the Phrase Editor
  • General MIDI Controller set was not added to imported MIDI tracks when set in the preferences.
  • MIDI controllers are named from the controller set when a composition is loaded
  • Fix for a possible chord progression library corruption in the Idea Tool
  • Fix for various problems during MIDI import
  • [Windows] MIDI drag and drop improvements (with StudioOne)
  • [OS X] Fix for a crashing menu handling bug

January 20, 2014: v2.55 (OS X and Win)

  • It is possible to resize phrases by dragging the left edge
  • Group name can be specified when saving phrases from the inspector
  • Zoom tracks vertically by Ctrl-drag or click-and-hold in the track header
  • Settings like loop/region/zoom/scrollbar positions saved with the composition
  • Besides double-click you can also use Alt-click to split/join chords
  • Browsers and inspectors can be placed on top when clicked inside
  • Loading custom MIDI instruments/presets is possible
  • Phrase preview shows note accents/velocities by shading the notes
  • Ghost phrases did not render the expressions properly
  • Fix for the KORG M1 VSTi plug-in crash
  • Fix Schillinger's Interference: 'No Event' did not work well
  • [VST] Looping fixed when using Sonar
  • [OS X] Several fixes to improve stability
  • Under the hood: program initialization reworked

December 25, 2013: v2.54 (OS X and Win)

  • MIDI Import fixes and improvements
  • Bug fix: rearranging lines and parts using drag-and-drop in the structure inspector did not move the phrases
  • [OS X] 'Browse' button did not work and may caused the program to freeze on the Settings / Directories page
  • [OS X] Tilde '~' can be used when entering a path manually on the Settings / Directories page
  • [VST] New setting to make the VST window 'always on top'. On Windows it is also possible to embed the user interface in the host window.
  • [VST] The previous composition is never loaded during startup, only the state that the host stored
  • [VST] Sending All Notes Off to the host was revamped which fixes hanging notes and other issues
  • Pressing STOP the second time will not jump vertically to the first track
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue when copying-pasting multiple phrases including ghost phrases
  • Bug fix: 'muted' state was not saved properly for variations

December 4, 2013: v2.53 (OS X and Win)

  • Variations can be muted
  • 'Collapsed' state preserved in the variation list when adding or deleting variations
  • Rests variation uses 1/8th beat increments
  • Chord Magnet can be applied for lines, parts or the whole composition
  • Pressing 'W' closes all open browser and inspector windows
  • Save Composition (or pressing 'S') provides visual feedback about the success of the save operation
  • Confirmation window opened when deleting phrases
  • New Master Track inspector button: 'Open Chords in Progression Editor'
  • Bug Fix: importing MIDI files that began with a 'note off' or 'note on with 0 velocity' crashed the program
  • Bug Fix: various issues with VSTi plug-ins used in the Idea Tool fixed
  • Bug Fix: possible crash when saving a long chord progression fixed (using 'Save Selected Chords As Progression')
  • Bug Fix: due to an internal reference issue composition sometimes could not be loaded
  • Bug Fix: the preview instrument menu in the phrase and progression browser is updated when new tracks added
  • Bug Fix: history was not saved sometimes

November 28, 2013: v2.52 (OS X and Win)

  • Bug Fix: using 'Save Selected Chords As Progression' crashed
  • Bug fix: [OS X] VST plug-ins could not be added and used

November 26, 2013: v2.51 (OS X and Win)

  • New variations: 'Rests' and 'Adjust Note Lengths'
  • Snap allows until 1/256 beat
  • Click&hold zoom implemented on the timeline: hold the mouse button for a short time without moving the mouse to zoom
  • Bug Fix: playback played the previous timeline region even when it was turned off
  • Bug Fix: 'Regenerate All Selected Generators' crashed when using ghosts
  • Bug Fix: visual anomalies when new item added in browser windows fixed
  • Bug Fix: [Win] ASIO compatibility with some soundcards improved
  • Bug Fix: [OS X] regenerating phrase generators in the idea tool caused sluggish behaviour
  • Bug Fix: [OS X] resizing browser windows work now

November 18, 2013: v2.5 (OS X and Win)

  • New phrase generator specialized for making melodies: Melody Generator (not found in LE version)
  • New rhythm generator: Bass Rhythm to create interesting rhythm patterns for bass
  • Custom phrases are saved in separate files. A phrase is written to file immediately when added to the browser.
  • Directory can be specified to store custom phrases in (Settings/Directories tab)
  • Chord palette reworked, bugs fixed, flats and sharps correctly displayed
  • Metronome added and redesigned UI in phrase editor
  • UI improvements on the MIDI Import panel
  • Composition templates supported, several templates provided
  • Note editing: 'Move Notes To New Phrase' in context pop-up menu
  • Add composition to history with comments (shortcut: K). It is easy to look up an earlier state.
  • [VST] stability improvements (Reaper does not crash at exit)
  • New keyboard shortcuts added for filling tracks with phrases and some shortcuts changed
  • Various fixes and improvements in the structure editor. Rearrange parts and lines by drag and drop.
  • Snap/Grid: Bar option
  • New phrase transpose mode: Octave
  • Shortcuts '1' to '9' to start editing lines 1 to 9, Ctrl-'1' to Ctrl-'9' edits parts 1 to 9
  • Shortcut 'Insert' inserts one beat at the timeline position, Ctrl-'Insert' inserts one bar
  • Shortcut '\' splits selected phrases at the timeline position
  • Resizing the generator phrases (dragging the right edge) works again
  • Specifying manual rhythm works in the idea tool
  • Exported MIDI sometimes included the metronome track. This is fixed.
  • The rhythm was not saved in the phrase browser for custom phrases that used "Manual Editing"
  • Scale preview fixed in the scale browser
  • Possible crash at MIDI import fixed (for corrupted MIDI files, or files containing unexpected data). MIDI import stability improved.
  • New editing setting to reset transposition when phrase is added by doubleclicking
  • Small size soundfonts added
  • Chord progression preview will use the right scale for major and minor scale formulas (in progression browser and progression editor)
  • Dozens of other smaller improvements and fixes

August 26, 2013: v2.21 (OS X and Win)

  • User interface rendering optimized
  • Automatic update checking implemented
  • It is possible to add bank select messages to MIDI instruments (by manually editing an .rcINST file)
  • Fixed the crash when using 'Add Imported Tracks To Current Composition'
  • Fixed an issue with MIDI import that could cause the program to hang or crash
  • Fixed the crash when the MIDI keyboard sent a message to the chord palette which was opened in the phrase editor.
  • [VSTi] Window sizing problems with VST plug-in fixed
  • [OS X] Standalone version properly terminates when the window is closed
  • [OS X] Several bugs fixed in the VST plug-in (especially using with DP8)
  • Other bug fixes

June 25, 2013: v2.2 (OS X and Win)

  • [OS X]: VSTi plug-in version released
  • It is possible to cut and join notes simply with a doubleclick inside the note
  • [Win] ASIO channel selection implemented
  • [OS X]: scrolling is smoother and in the right direction
  • [VSTi] race condition eliminated which fixes crashes with Nexus and results better stability with plug-ins
  • Editing ghost copies is disabled in note editing mode
  • Modal alert windows removed during start-up
  • Various fixes to increase stability

June 3, 2013: v2.1 (OS X and Win)

  • Global and per-track phrase envelopes which phrases may automatically follow
  • 4 algorithms offered for absolute-to-relative note conversion. Now you can work with scale-relative notes only, without depending on chord notes in the phrase.
  • AI improvements in chord detection when importing MIDI files
  • New master track option: magnet. Chords are automatically transposed and inverted for better voice leading
  • Magnet option is implemented for phrases. When enabled the phrase will be automatically transposed to minimize note distance between the previous and current phrase or from the phrase envelope (choose from 2 algorithms)
  • The Idea Tool is prepared to use the new voice leading improvements to produce musically more useful results
  • 'Recents' menu added for opening compositions and importing MIDI files
  • Absolute<->relative conversion is easier than ever by pressing keys '0' to '4'
  • 3 new view options for the piano roll
  • Inspectors and browser panels can be resized by dragging the right bottom corner
  • Mouse wheel works over the workspace to scroll and zoom
  • New 'Support' panel
  • Cosmetic UI changes
  • Bug fix for highlighting the wrong buttons in the chord palette
  • Additional bug fixes

April 15, 2013: v2.06 (OS X and Win)

  • it is possible to resize the timeline (add/remove beats to the line being edited) by dragging the right edge of the timeline
  • you can change the key of an existing composition (e.g. from C major to D minor) with chord harmonization if you check 'Harmonize Chords to Match Scale' in the master track inspector
  • fixed a bug which inhibited loading an idea in the Idea Tool
  • [Win] ASIO improvements
  • Lots of minor fixes and extra checks to increase stability especially on OS X

March 19, 2013: v2.05 (OS X and Win)

  • [Win] VST plug-in sent unneeded All Notes Off messages to host (FL Studio) when rendering varying frames per buffer
  • 'Regenerate all selected generators' button added in phrase inspector
  • problems with 'Remove Region' fixed
  • 'Divide Phrase' issue fixed when a resized phrase was divided

March 15, 2013: v2.04 (OS X and Win)

  • importing audio is possible and more convenient in the phrase inspector than in the track inspector
  • inspector fade in/out time can be set in the settings
  • new option in Idea Tool: selection of chord progression for the specified scale
  • fixed scale note shading on the piano roll
  • fixed an issue when after phrase editing the phrase was not updated in the composition
  • Ableton Live! called the VST plug-in 'close' function without calling 'open' first. This is handled gracefully now.
  • [Win64] windows x64 version will download the x64 update instead of the x86 file
  • [OS X] a problem was fixed when importing MIDI files that could cause crash or hanging
  • [OS X] an endianness bug was fixed when importing/exporting audio files
  • note parameters are fixed in sample phrases #9,#10,#11
  • other stability fixes

March 4, 2013: v2.03 (OS X and Win)

  • [OS X] fixed crash when using the Bass Generator
  • fixed possible crash for an operation after an undo
  • a bug with 'Render Phrase With Variations' fixed
  • rendering problem on the mixer panel fixed
  • other fixes to improve stability e.g. when phrase or tracks deleted

March 2, 2013: v2.02 (OS X only)

  • fixes for user interface stability issues

February 27, 2013: v2.01 (OS X and Win)

  • fixed a bug in MIDI Import where chords were not detected properly
  • [OS X] the default audio output device is selected when the application is first run

February 25, 2013: v2.0 (OS X and Win)

  • redesigned user interface
  • improved workflow
  • chords and progressions can be based on scale degrees, several chord notations offered
  • cut/copy/paste works for phrases
  • simpler structure editor
  • MIDI drag and drop tracks or composition to DAWs
  • improved Idea Tool: generate a new composition for pressing a key
  • better reliability - the new recovery feature will recover your composition if the program or a plug-in crashes
  • lots of other minor features

July 2, 2012: v1.93 (OS X and Win)

  • x64 version of Windows standalone and VST plug-in
  • Snap and grid: Triplet added
  • Quantize added in Phrase Editor
  • Save phrase to database directly from context popup
  • SPACE starts/stops playback, Enter jumps back to start
  • [OS X] no annoying beep sound for key presses
  • Fixed possible crash in Idea Tool when the Edit button was clicked
  • Fixed bugs with 'Render Phrase With Variations' (note on velocity and editing in Phrase Editor)
  • Various bug fixes to increase stability (e.g. for unassigned chords, editing Line Generator)

May 25, 2012: v1.92(OS X)

  • "Check For Update" downloaded the PC version. Fixed.
  • Fixed crashes during drawing the timeline and resizing/maximizing the window at the same time

May 11, 2012: v1.91(OS X)

  • Fixed crash in LE version when the view (eye) icon is clicked in the track header
  • Fixed crash when clicking on "Scan Soundfonts"
  • Fixed a rare crash during building MIDI device menu

April 23, 2012: v1.9(OS X)

  • First OS X release

April 23, 2012: v1.91(Win)

  • Fixed a bug in demo mode when history files were sometimes written to the root directory
  • 'Align To Beats' and 'Detect And Adjust Interval' work again in the phrase editor
  • Underlying chord notes can be edited only by holding down Ctrl-Shift to avoid accidental dragging during editing
  • Activation through the internet was removed, simple keycode is used for software protection
  • Documentation updated

April 3, 2012: v1.9

  • Improved drag and drop experience; phrases/chords/scales are rendered into a small image that is shown during dragging
  • New preference: it is possible to disable selecting phrases from multiple tracks
  • New preference: using flats instead of sharps in chord names
  • A status window is displayed during loading a composition as the initialization of some VSTi plug-ins may take long
  • Scrollwheel works over lists and sliders
  • Some minor changes in keyboard commands to match the OS X version; left and right Shift/Ctrl is not distinguished. The biggest change is the direct access of underlying chord/scale notes: instead of pressing Right Ctrl, you should press Ctrl+Shift
  • Bug fix: crash during resizing the window fixed

January 25, 2012: v1.83

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in v1.82: text fields and sliders stopped working

January 23, 2012: v1.82

  • [VST] Improved VST editor behaviour; when the RapidComposer window is closed, the original VST editor view (that has "Bring RapidComposer To Top") is not closed or removed.
  • [VST] When the RapidComposer window was minimized, the "Bring RapidComposer To Top" did not work. This is fixed.
  • [VST] Better error checking when the host loads RapidComposer VST

January 2, 2012: v1.81

  • [VST] Better VST editor behaviour; VST editor now contains a button to bring RapidComposer window to top
  • [VST] Fixed "not allowed during playback" error for undo and midi import
  • [VST] Fixed a bug which caused that recorded MIDI phrases contained duplicate notes and early note-offs
  • [VST] Added a recommendation to use VST output channels for previewing chords/scales, etc
  • Fixed: recording in the phrase editor sometimes started for a system-exclusive message instead of the first note-on event

December 19, 2011: v1.8

  • VST plug-in version released with 128-channel output
  • Several bug-fixes in the standalone version

August 15, 2011: v1.75

  • ASIO handling was rewritten from scratch. The old portaudio ASIO handler will be removed in the next update.
  • Using the mouse wheel is possible when setting values
  • Selectable grid setting in the editor
  • Two new display options in the phrase editor
  • Chord palette and Help window are movable windows
  • Dropping a soundfont inside the window will add the soundfont to the instruments.
  • Dropping a MIDI file inside the window will load the MIDI file and open the MIDI Import panel.
  • It is possible to set up tracks using a GM soundfont when importing midi files.
  • Undo/redo works properly in the phrase editor
  • Bug fix: a bug in history handling sometimes caused deletion of the composition file and crashing
  • Bug fix: dropping a chord progression on a chord segment crashed the application
  • Other minor fixes

July 18, 2011: v1.74

  • Stability problems introduced in v1.73 fixed.

June 30, 2011: v1.73

  • Usage on low screen resolutions was optimized - the lowest usable resolution is 1280x768
  • User interface code optimized - startup and UI operations are faster

June 20, 2011: v1.72

  • The chord palette was reworked
  • Minor UI changes

June 2, 2011: v1.71

  • Missing files error messages for first installation fixed
  • The chord palette was removed temporarily until it is reworked

May 31, 2011: v1.7

  • Draw lines on the piano roll to create glissando or chord strumming. Other usage is up to your creativity... Notes are inserted and aligned smartly with several snap and filtering options. Hold down 'Ctrl' and drag the mouse pointer. Check the generator properties for more options like transposing every second note to get an interesting pattern.
  • More than a dozen new chord progressions added, most of them were used in big hits
  • The chord progression browser displays progressions sorted by their complexity by default
  • The harmonization menu also offers simpler chords that do not contain all the notes in the section to be harmonized
  • Some new sample phrases added that can be used with any chords

May 3, 2011: v1.6

  • New chord selector and chord palette with many options
  • Progression editor was rewritten to provide more functionality e.g. chord suggestions, various coloring and preview options
  • New soundfonts (pad and bass) included for chord preview
  • New variation: Velocity Generator to set velocity values of a phrase/track by a function and its automatable parameters
  • New variation: MIDI Echo with swing option
  • Smart displaying of overlapped notes in two styles
  • Harmonization improvements: manual selection of chords to complement automatic harmonization decisions
  • Chord database cleaned up; dozens of new chords added; naming convention became 7b5#9 instead of 7-5+9
  • Transposition is taken into account when glueing phrases
  • Bug fix: interval detection did not work properly
  • Bug fix: beat alignment was rewritten
  • Bug fix: several issues with Undo fixed
  • Bug fix: structure tab rendering fixed when velocity envelope was displayed in note editing mode

February 7, 2011: v1.51

  • Selected phrase notes are displayed in shades of grey depending on velocity
  • New keyboard shortcuts: TAB (toggle phrase/note editing), '1', '2' (hide/show the left and middle panels)
  • Beats counted from 1 instead of 0
  • Bug fix: exported midi file had inaccurate timing
  • Bug fix: file selectors did not become the foreground window

January 24, 2011: v1.5

  • Chord notes are displayed in the piano roll and can be edited (drag to move, Right Ctrl+doubleclick to create/remove)
  • It is possible to save the internal state of a VSTi plug-in as an instrument even if the plug-in does not expose any presets
  • Percussion note can be specified for percussion tracks
  • Piano roll view options can be set per track with new ways of coloring and shading notes
  • The composite track has its own view settings
  • Articulation names can be displayed above notes and phrases
  • Draw freehand parameter envelopes by holding down Ctrl
  • New 'Help!' button displays detailed editing help
  • Stop button serves as Panic! button when pressed with the right mouse button and mutes all audio
  • Swing division can be specified
  • Demo period starts for each update, crash fixed when expired
  • Bug fix: audio phrases did not play if the beginning of the audio was before the project start
  • Bug fix: host transport state is correctly reported to VSTi plug-ins

December 17, 2010: v1.45

  • User interface optimized for 1280 and 1600-pixel horizontal resolutions
  • Rubberbox selection can happen right to left
  • Quantize to duplets, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and septuplets
  • Bug fix: rendering fault in 'Override Chords' button fixed
  • Bug fix: tooltips do not deactivate the window anymore
  • Bug fix: idea tool does not crash when 8 phrases are used
  • Bug fix: adding a progression in the idea tool resets number of measures
  • Bug fix: wrong number of measures generated in idea tool
  • Bug fix: unassigned chord labels work better, do not hang app

December 6, 2010: v1.44

  • Notes of transposed phrases are displayed as transposed in Note Editing mode, making editing easier
  • A phrase can be replaced with the rendered phrase with all variations applied. See "Render Phrase With Variations" in the context popup
  • Easy conversion between parametric and absolute form. See "Convert To Absolute Notes" and "Convert To Parametric Form" in the context popup"
  • VST compatibility improved; crashing plug-ins now work well
  • It is possible to disable MIDI Output by selecting 'None'
  • 'Loop' lines and verses (in the structure context popup)
  • Bug fix: various fixes in the idea tool
  • Bug fix: fixes in structure editing (remove, repeat, etc)

December 2, 2010: v1.43

  • Error handling improved; modal alerts are retired
  • Bug fix: Progression assignment now works properly
  • Bug fix: Structure generation did not match parameters
  • Bug fix: Clicking on PLAY mutes the active phrase preview
  • Bug fix: Reordering lines should work properly
  • Bug fix: Resizing the last chord causes visual glitch
  • Bug fix: Assigning a chord progression causes hang
  • Bug fix: Crashing when adding a variation in the Variation Tool fixed
  • Bug fix: Fill With Master Track Chords and Metronome clicks are no longer shown for audio tracks

November 26, 2010: v1.41

  • Bug fix: crashing when dropping a phrase on the area outside of tracks fixed

November 24, 2010: v1.4 (+LE version released!)

  • New rhythm generator: Subdivision (great for percussion)
  • Customizable user interface (colors, button shapes, shading...) with preset themes
  • Tempo can be overridden by any structural unit (full tempo track implemented under the hood)
  • Fractional tempo allowed
  • Tap Tempo
  • Loop and range playback and recording improved
  • Playback/recording tempo can be quarter/half/normal/twice/4 times
  • VSTi handling was rewritten, no plug-in crashes anymore
  • ASIO driver settings (sample rate, latency) are not overridden by default
  • ASIO configuration window can be opened
  • 'Snap cursor to the nearest beat when the playback stops' option in preferences
  • Dozens of other small improvements and fixes

October 18, 2010: v1.32

  • the snap setting can be used for master track chord alignment when preferred (enable it under Settings/Misc)
  • it is possible to set the phrase length in the inspector
  • new keyboard shortcuts: Enter=Toggle Play/Pause, Home=Stop&Jump To Beginning, Shift-Enter=Loop Selection
  • when using Reaktor5, you should turn off DEP for RapidComposer to avoid Reaktor5 crash
  • Bug fix: on rare occasions loading and playing back a composition crashed. This is fixed.
  • Bug fix: notes are turned off at the end in loop playback
  • Bug fix: losing audio phrases and sometimes sf2 instrument when loading a composition fixed
  • VSTi fix: plug-ins created with SynthEdit work better
  • VSTi fix: requesting plug-in presets work with more VSTi plug-ins

September 28, 2010: v1.3

  • Improved editing in composite tracks; it is possible to change the instrument of the selected notes/phrases with just one click
  • Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording
  • Articulation can be specified for phrases or individual notes
  • Phrase and note preview during editing with options
  • Multiple instances of the same VSTi plug-in can be loaded
  • Optionally hiding the left and middle panes to maximize workspace
  • Hiding tracks manually or with AutoHide options
  • Smarter naming of tracks when using {preset}
  • 'Add To Composition' option at MIDI Import
  • Bug fix: muting a track during playback did not send note off
  • Bug fix: VSTi internal state is stored when chord/scale/rhythm preview was VSTi
  • Bug fix: VSTi plug-ins exporting no presets did not appear in the instrument list
  • Bug fix: 'Invalid Composition File' message when reverting to an earlier state in the history
  • Bug fix: VSTi plug-ins that require audio input do not crash anymore
  • Bug fix: black screen when maximizing the window and maximizing on dual monitors fixed

July 13, 2010: v1.21

  • Chord inversions and added octave offsets can be specified by a formula; inversion description is now an integral part of the chord (move the mouse over "Inversion" or read documentation to get help)
  • It is possible to create a new note by doubleclicking (Ctrl-click still works).
  • Default note offset unit can be set in the Settings/Misc panel.
  • Recording a phrase from MIDI In works again in the Phrase Editor.
  • Problems with the FingerPicking Generator fixed (experienced on Windows XP).
  • History data was not updated when History tab was selected. This is fixed.
  • Importing a 44.1kHz audio file and converting it to 48kHz made the end of the audio silent.
  • Sometimes a keyboard was rendered for audio tracks, this is fixed.

June 30, 2010: v1.2

  • Phrase Morphing tool
  • Guitar Fingerpicking Generator included
  • Audio track support
  • "Override Chord" button to override master track chords from the MIDI keyboard
  • Track color can be specified
  • Phrase name is optionally displayed over the phrases
  • New track icons with pop-up help
  • pressing right Shift during phrase dragging means 'transpose only'
  • VSTi compatibility improvements (SampleTank, DirectWave no longer crashes)
  • UI improvements and many bug fixes
  • Three tutorials posted on (Working With Phrases, Phrase Morphing, Importing MIDI With Autoharmonization)

May 3, 2010: v1.1

  • Improved phrase and note editing
  • Phrase-level and note-level editing directly inside the tracks; no need to open the phrase editor anymore.
  • User interface improvements
  • MIDI Pan controller added
  • Keyboard shortcut ('D') for deselecting all notes and phrases
  • User guide updated
  • Some other minor features and bug fixes

April 6, 2010: v1.02

  • Random crashes when pressing the Preview buttons fixed
  • When the 'ASIO Digidesign Mbox 2' driver was present, the application crashed. This is fixed.
  • VST compatibility improved
  • 'Check For Update' button placed under the About tab also for the demo version
  • 'Online User Guide' is not placed in the Windows Start menu, as it probably slowed down the boot up process on Windows XP
  • Some other minor bugs fixed

April 4, 2010: v1.01

  • A crashing bug in the Idea Tool fixed.

April 1, 2010: RapidComposer v1.0 released!

  • First version released.


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