Version History

April 4, 2017: v3.22

  • Improvements and fixes for drum phrase editing
  • The preferred MIDI controllers and variations are added to imported MIDI tracks
  • Fixed MIDI import bug when type 0 files without a track name created too many tracks
  • Fixed rhythm selection for phrase generators in the idea tool
  • [OS X] Fixes for audio device issues. From now all devices should work reliably.
  • [OS X] Fixed hanging when trying to load a VSTi plug-in
  • [OS X] "Rescan MIDI Devices" works again after changes in OS X
  • [Windows] Fixed: file selector panel did not open for "Add VSTi" when the initial path was non-existent

March 21, 2017: v3.21

  • Fixed phrase length when phrases added to the Idea Tool
  • Idea Tool phrase and rhythm list workflow improvements when adding/dropping/removing items
  • Selecting multiple items is possible in the Phrase Container list
  • Fixed a rare crash in Random Melody Generator
  • Fixed transposition of scale-note-only phrases
  • Note repetition can be set to 0-100% in Melody Generator
  • Fix for a file saving bug when clicking on "Save Composition" for a new composition.

March 13, 2017: v3.2

  • Drum maps can be used for percussion tracks
  • Font size settings: it is possible to change the font size for the UI
  • Phrase Editor improvements (scrollable, zoomable editor with playback position)
  • New phrase generator: "Random Melody Generator"
  • New rhythm generator: "Smooth Rhythm"
  • "Count In" added (found in Timeline Inspector). Setting 1 bar or 2 bars count is possible
  • New phrase action: "Repeat Phrase Until The End Of Line/Part/Composition" with ghost option and shortcut
  • New phrase action: "Insert 'Phrase Container' With Browser Selection" with shortcut possibility
  • New phrase action: "Duplicate Phrases To Unmuted Tracks" (shortcut 'D')
  • New master track action: "Paste Chords (Overwrite)": paste master track chords but do not add space to the composition.
  • New master track action: "Swap Chords" (with shortcut possibility)
  • New timeline action : "Paste (Overwrite)" : paste timeline section in overwrite mode, do not add space to the composition.
  • New file export option: "Export Tracks To Individual MIDI Files"
  • New setting: "Auto-Zoom During Phrase Dragging" (disabled by default)
  • New setting: "Highlight Middle C Note"
  • New VST playback setting: "Start Playback From The Current Position Instead Of The Host Position"
  • [Windows] Portable usage is possible
  • [Windows] Relative paths can be used with Locations.
  • Moving the selected region on the timeline during loop playback works as expected
  • Chords as MIDI markers saved in the exported MIDI file in a different way to be more compatible with DAWs
  • Soundfonts with 24-bit samples can be loaded
  • 2 new UI themes in the style of Windows 10 and Mac OS X
  • Shift+double-clicking or Alt+Shift-clicking on the master track for splitting/joining chords will use the following chord for the new chord
  • [Windows] WASAPI problems fixed; both shared and exclusive mode should work now
  • [OS X}[VST] fix for a crashing bug
  • Many bug fixes

December 19, 2016: v3.13

  • Fixed: "Active Track (Chord+Bass)" could not be chosen from the chord preview menu
  • Fixed: Changing chord naming for the master track does not transpose phrases
  • Fixed: The downloaded extra phrases were not sorted into subdirectories as in earlier versions
  • [VST] Chord preview did not work without a track selection, and other issues
  • [VST] Problems with Local Sequencer fixed
  • [VST] Fixes for non-sounding notes at the beginning when host provides strange sample offsets
  • [OS X] Fixed crash when initiating dragging
  • [OS X] Shift key did not work with shortcuts

November 12, 2016: v3.12 (Windows only)

  • [Windows] Fixed: soundfonts added by the user became silent in v3.1 (data folder migration issue)
  • [Windows] Fixed: VST plug-in could not find the standalone executable (data folder migration issue)

November 8, 2016: v3.11 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: chord detection improved
  • MIDI Import: errors in MIDI files (overlapped and zero-length notes) handled gracefully during import
  • Fixed crash that occured during startup under some circumstances
  • Fixed regression (rendering problems when using 'Join Notes' in a track)

November 2, 2016: v3.1 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: display detected scale, live chords preview, file and selected tracks info, 'Trim Silence' option
  • MIDI Import: Channel 10 handling option (join, split), better instrument selection, redesigned UI
  • MIDI Import: phrase detection: the midi events are automatically grouped in phrases. Similar and same note groups are recognized.
  • MIDI Import: improved "Import MIDI Into Current Composition".
  • Track templates added. Save complete tracks and restore them from the Track browser.
  • Track mute/solo logic changed, allowing you to select multiple tracks as solo. Solo and mute states are independent (solo overriding mute)
  • [Windows] WASAPI audio support (shared and exclusive mode)
  • Added "Convert To Phrase Generator" in the phrase inspector
  • Master track chords can be transposed by semitones (found in the master track inspector)
  • New phrase generator: 'Rest' to be used in the Idea Tool
  • New variation: "Rotate Notes"
  • New variation: "Remove Short Notes"
  • 'Sustain Notes' option added in 'Apply Rhythm' variation
  • 'Truncate Phrase' option added to 'Delay Notes'
  • 'Fill' and 'Velocity For Filled Notes' options added to 'Arpeggiator'
  • 'Mute Original Notes' option added in 'Add Interval' variation
  • Group entry has a menu with recent groups
  • New shortcut: "Preview Edited Phrase With Unmuted Tracks"
  • New shortcut: "Stop Playback/Jump To Playback Start Position" (Shift+Enter by default)
  • Default track view options can be set in the preferences
  • Midi file name is displayed for dropped midi file instead of "midi"
  • "Rescan Midi Devices" button added under Settings / MIDI
  • 9 new phrase arrangements added in Idea Tool (for 3 and 4 used phrases)
  • 48 new interesting "5 in 16 pulses" clave patterns in the Rhythm browser
  • Improved 'Join Notes' when applied on a phrase; it works as expected
  • New setting to use UTF-8 sharp and flat characters (enabled by default)
  • New setting: "Export Chords As MIDI Markers" (when exporting MIDI files)
  • You are asked to save or discard the edited phrase, if you set "Always Confirm Discarding Edited Phrase" (disabled by default)
  • Ctrl+Shift+click can be used on the Master track to select a chord box even if clicked on the chord name
  • It is possible to open composition files (.rcCOMP) by doubleclicking on them (both on OS X and Windows)
  • The "GeneralUser GS" soundfont is distributed with RapidComposer.
  • [Windows] RapidComposerV3 folder is moved to /Users/<name>/Documents.
  • [VST] When enabling 'Use Host Tempo' the RC VST plug-in will follow the host tempo changes
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

June 27, 2016: v3.04 (OS X and Windows)

  • Fixed the issue when EZkeys/EZdrummer had no sound when the composition was reloaded

June 20, 2016: v3.03 (OS X and Windows)

  • [OS X] VST editor window size was not correct for NI Massive. Dynamic sizing of the VST editor window by the plug-in works well.
  • Fixed division by zero crash when there was no valid audio interface set
  • Better error handling when setting up audio. Alert windows appear over the application window rather than behind it...
  • Text editing issue fixed which appeared in v3.01. Second Enter press was ignored.
  • Fixed: pop-up help did not appear after some time

June 5, 2016: v3.02 (OS X and Windows)

  • "Deactivate License" button added under Support
  • All issues with the timeline resize handle were fixed. Better visibility when scrolling to the rightmost position.
  • Sometimes chords with an octave '5' appeared in generated progressions. This is fixed.
  • Possible crash in melody generator fixed
  • [OS X] Rare crash fixed when clicking with the mouse
  • [OS X] Text editing box remained on screen when editing the timecode or song position

May 24, 2016: v3.01 (OS X and Windows)

  • Ctrl-Alt-O (Windows) or command-option-O (OS X) or Alt/option+click on "Open Composition..." will skip loading the VST plug-ins
  • Added 'group' entry in the Save Phrase dialog
  • 'Expression' can be used for velocity scaling. Its value goes from 0 to 200% which means the velocity values can be multiplied by 2
  • Fixed hanging during dropping a rhythm pattern to 'Apply Rhythm'
  • Fixed a bug when saving custom phrases
  • [OS X] Fixed crash during chord entry in Chord Rules Editor

May 11, 2016: v3.0 (OS X and Windows)

  • The whole user interface was reworked
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete/duplicate... operations work on the 4 keyboard focus areas (track list, composition, timeline, master track)
  • Customizing all colors is possible, import/export UI themes
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts, import/export shortcuts, export them as html, or open in browser
  • The newly rewritten Idea Tool is more flexible, logical and easier to use than before and is part of the main composition workspace
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete operations work in the phrase editor
  • Various note transformations through shortcuts and more note coloring options in the phrase editor
  • More note coloring options
  • New rhythm browser
  • Rhythm can be dragged from one phrase to the other, or from the rhythm browser to phrases
  • Improved rhythm editing, add rests, alter note lengths
  • New variation: "Apply Rhythm". You can slice notes of an existing phrase using a rhythm pattern.
  • New rhythm generator: "Euclidean Rhythm"
  • New phrase generator: "Arpeggiator"
  • Improved stability
  • Dozens of other improvements


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