Version History

May 22, 2017: v3.23

  • Fix velocity problems when editing/moving notes in the Phrase Editor during playback
  • [Windows] Improvements in audio rendering (much faster wake-up of the rendering thread and faster rendering)
  • Fix crashing issue when scanning for VST plug-ins
  • Pressing the preview buttons multiple times should not start the preview for each click
  • [OS X] Fix deadlock/hanging
  • [OS X] Popup menu fix
  • [OS X] Fixed issue when the VST plug-in used the wrong application binary
  • [OS X] VST mode start-up optimization
  • [VST] Information displayed when using the VST in Reaper so that in order to make Local Sequencer work you must turn off "Close audio device when stopped and application is inactive" in Reaper

April 4, 2017: v3.22

  • Improvements and fixes for drum phrase editing
  • The preferred MIDI controllers and variations are added to imported MIDI tracks
  • Fixed MIDI import bug when type 0 files without a track name created too many tracks
  • Fixed rhythm selection for phrase generators in the idea tool
  • [OS X] Fixes for audio device issues. From now all devices should work reliably.
  • [OS X] Fixed hanging when trying to load a VSTi plug-in
  • [OS X] "Rescan MIDI Devices" works again after changes in OS X
  • [Windows] Fixed: file selector panel did not open for "Add VSTi" when the initial path was non-existent

March 21, 2017: v3.21

  • Fixed phrase length when phrases added to the Idea Tool
  • Idea Tool phrase and rhythm list workflow improvements when adding/dropping/removing items
  • Selecting multiple items is possible in the Phrase Container list
  • Fixed a rare crash in Random Melody Generator
  • Fixed transposition of scale-note-only phrases
  • Note repetition can be set to 0-100% in Melody Generator
  • Fix for a file saving bug when clicking on "Save Composition" for a new composition.

March 13, 2017: v3.2

  • Drum maps can be used for percussion tracks
  • Font size settings: it is possible to change the font size for the UI
  • Phrase Editor improvements (scrollable, zoomable editor with playback position)
  • New phrase generator: "Random Melody Generator"
  • New rhythm generator: "Smooth Rhythm"
  • "Count In" added (found in Timeline Inspector). Setting 1 bar or 2 bars count is possible
  • New phrase action: "Repeat Phrase Until The End Of Line/Part/Composition" with ghost option and shortcut
  • New phrase action: "Insert 'Phrase Container' With Browser Selection" with shortcut possibility
  • New phrase action: "Duplicate Phrases To Unmuted Tracks" (shortcut 'D')
  • New master track action: "Paste Chords (Overwrite)": paste master track chords but do not add space to the composition.
  • New master track action: "Swap Chords" (with shortcut possibility)
  • New timeline action : "Paste (Overwrite)" : paste timeline section in overwrite mode, do not add space to the composition.
  • New file export option: "Export Tracks To Individual MIDI Files"
  • New setting: "Auto-Zoom During Phrase Dragging" (disabled by default)
  • New setting: "Highlight Middle C Note"
  • New VST playback setting: "Start Playback From The Current Position Instead Of The Host Position"
  • [Windows] Portable usage is possible
  • [Windows] Relative paths can be used with Locations.
  • Moving the selected region on the timeline during loop playback works as expected
  • Chords as MIDI markers saved in the exported MIDI file in a different way to be more compatible with DAWs
  • Soundfonts with 24-bit samples can be loaded
  • 2 new UI themes in the style of Windows 10 and Mac OS X
  • Shift+double-clicking or Alt+Shift-clicking on the master track for splitting/joining chords will use the following chord for the new chord
  • [Windows] WASAPI problems fixed; both shared and exclusive mode should work now
  • [OS X}[VST] fix for a crashing bug
  • Many bug fixes

December 19, 2016: v3.13

  • Fixed: "Active Track (Chord+Bass)" could not be chosen from the chord preview menu
  • Fixed: Changing chord naming for the master track does not transpose phrases
  • Fixed: The downloaded extra phrases were not sorted into subdirectories as in earlier versions
  • [VST] Chord preview did not work without a track selection, and other issues
  • [VST] Problems with Local Sequencer fixed
  • [VST] Fixes for non-sounding notes at the beginning when host provides strange sample offsets
  • [OS X] Fixed crash when initiating dragging
  • [OS X] Shift key did not work with shortcuts

November 12, 2016: v3.12 (Windows only)

  • [Windows] Fixed: soundfonts added by the user became silent in v3.1 (data folder migration issue)
  • [Windows] Fixed: VST plug-in could not find the standalone executable (data folder migration issue)

November 8, 2016: v3.11 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: chord detection improved
  • MIDI Import: errors in MIDI files (overlapped and zero-length notes) handled gracefully during import
  • Fixed crash that occured during startup under some circumstances
  • Fixed regression (rendering problems when using 'Join Notes' in a track)

November 2, 2016: v3.1 (OS X and Windows)

  • MIDI Import: display detected scale, live chords preview, file and selected tracks info, 'Trim Silence' option
  • MIDI Import: Channel 10 handling option (join, split), better instrument selection, redesigned UI
  • MIDI Import: phrase detection: the midi events are automatically grouped in phrases. Similar and same note groups are recognized.
  • MIDI Import: improved "Import MIDI Into Current Composition".
  • Track templates added. Save complete tracks and restore them from the Track browser.
  • Track mute/solo logic changed, allowing you to select multiple tracks as solo. Solo and mute states are independent (solo overriding mute)
  • [Windows] WASAPI audio support (shared and exclusive mode)
  • Added "Convert To Phrase Generator" in the phrase inspector
  • Master track chords can be transposed by semitones (found in the master track inspector)
  • New phrase generator: 'Rest' to be used in the Idea Tool
  • New variation: "Rotate Notes"
  • New variation: "Remove Short Notes"
  • 'Sustain Notes' option added in 'Apply Rhythm' variation
  • 'Truncate Phrase' option added to 'Delay Notes'
  • 'Fill' and 'Velocity For Filled Notes' options added to 'Arpeggiator'
  • 'Mute Original Notes' option added in 'Add Interval' variation
  • Group entry has a menu with recent groups
  • New shortcut: "Preview Edited Phrase With Unmuted Tracks"
  • New shortcut: "Stop Playback/Jump To Playback Start Position" (Shift+Enter by default)
  • Default track view options can be set in the preferences
  • Midi file name is displayed for dropped midi file instead of "midi"
  • "Rescan Midi Devices" button added under Settings / MIDI
  • 9 new phrase arrangements added in Idea Tool (for 3 and 4 used phrases)
  • 48 new interesting "5 in 16 pulses" clave patterns in the Rhythm browser
  • Improved 'Join Notes' when applied on a phrase; it works as expected
  • New setting to use UTF-8 sharp and flat characters (enabled by default)
  • New setting: "Export Chords As MIDI Markers" (when exporting MIDI files)
  • You are asked to save or discard the edited phrase, if you set "Always Confirm Discarding Edited Phrase" (disabled by default)
  • Ctrl+Shift+click can be used on the Master track to select a chord box even if clicked on the chord name
  • It is possible to open composition files (.rcCOMP) by doubleclicking on them (both on OS X and Windows)
  • The "GeneralUser GS" soundfont is distributed with RapidComposer.
  • [Windows] RapidComposerV3 folder is moved to /Users/<name>/Documents.
  • [VST] When enabling 'Use Host Tempo' the RC VST plug-in will follow the host tempo changes
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

June 27, 2016: v3.04 (OS X and Windows)

  • Fixed the issue when EZkeys/EZdrummer had no sound when the composition was reloaded

June 20, 2016: v3.03 (OS X and Windows)

  • [OS X] VST editor window size was not correct for NI Massive. Dynamic sizing of the VST editor window by the plug-in works well.
  • Fixed division by zero crash when there was no valid audio interface set
  • Better error handling when setting up audio. Alert windows appear over the application window rather than behind it...
  • Text editing issue fixed which appeared in v3.01. Second Enter press was ignored.
  • Fixed: pop-up help did not appear after some time

June 5, 2016: v3.02 (OS X and Windows)

  • "Deactivate License" button added under Support
  • All issues with the timeline resize handle were fixed. Better visibility when scrolling to the rightmost position.
  • Sometimes chords with an octave '5' appeared in generated progressions. This is fixed.
  • Possible crash in melody generator fixed
  • [OS X] Rare crash fixed when clicking with the mouse
  • [OS X] Text editing box remained on screen when editing the timecode or song position

May 24, 2016: v3.01 (OS X and Windows)

  • Ctrl-Alt-O (Windows) or command-option-O (OS X) or Alt/option+click on "Open Composition..." will skip loading the VST plug-ins
  • Added 'group' entry in the Save Phrase dialog
  • 'Expression' can be used for velocity scaling. Its value goes from 0 to 200% which means the velocity values can be multiplied by 2
  • Fixed hanging during dropping a rhythm pattern to 'Apply Rhythm'
  • Fixed a bug when saving custom phrases
  • [OS X] Fixed crash during chord entry in Chord Rules Editor

May 11, 2016: v3.0 (OS X and Windows)

  • The whole user interface was reworked
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete/duplicate... operations work on the 4 keyboard focus areas (track list, composition, timeline, master track)
  • Customizing all colors is possible, import/export UI themes
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts, import/export shortcuts, export them as html, or open in browser
  • The newly rewritten Idea Tool is more flexible, logical and easier to use than before and is part of the main composition workspace
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete operations work in the phrase editor
  • Various note transformations through shortcuts and more note coloring options in the phrase editor
  • More note coloring options
  • New rhythm browser
  • Rhythm can be dragged from one phrase to the other, or from the rhythm browser to phrases
  • Improved rhythm editing, add rests, alter note lengths
  • New variation: "Apply Rhythm". You can slice notes of an existing phrase using a rhythm pattern.
  • New rhythm generator: "Euclidean Rhythm"
  • New phrase generator: "Arpeggiator"
  • Improved stability
  • Dozens of other improvements


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