It is a good idea to download and use the latest beta version because it contains the latest bug fixes, there are tons of new features, and it is updated frequently. However the beta version may contain bugs in new functionality.


This is not public beta testing so only registered users can download the v3.X beta versions. The download URL cannot be displayed here, but you can change the normal download URL (sent in e-mail and in announcements) this way:
old URL:
new URL:


You can subscribe to this RSS feed to get notified about beta updates.

It is possible to check for beta version updates under the Support tab.



The beta version is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10.

You can use the beta version and the stable version side by side. Please choose an install directory that is different from the last stable version install location (e.g. “RapidComposer V3 Beta”).


The beta version is compatible with macOS 10.7-10.13.

Note: the application name did not change (, so please make sure you won't overwrite the stable application with the same name.