It is possible to run RapidComposer from a pen-drive .

You need to move the installed application from “Program Files” (or “Program Files (x86)” depending on 32/64 bit installation) directory to your pen drive, e.g. to D:\RC. Installation installs data files to C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\RapidComposerV3 directory. Move RapidComposerV3 to the program folder, e.g. to D:\RC so that D:\RC\RapidComposerV3 will contain DB, Settings, SoundFonts, etc.

When RapidComposer is started from D:\RC, it will look for data files in RapidComposerV3 in the same directory. If it cannot find it, the usual location will be used in C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\.

For portable use the locations of the Custom Phrases, Rhythm Patterns, Track Templates can be made to point to directories on the pen-drive. For this use relative paths, like “.”, “..”, or path names beginning with “\”. The reference path (“.”) is the RapidComposerV3 directory.

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