RapidComposer is capable of doing a lot of interesting, powerful things, but here are just a few suggestions for how the program may be useful to you:

  • allowing you to make great-sounding music with no prior musical experience at all
  • helping you to better understand harmonic relationships in music, and finding chords that fit together, musically
  • learning “piano-style” patterns, if you’ve never touched a piano and would like to learn how to write songs or accompany yourself on piano while you sing
  • in VST plugin mode, using some of the pre-made jazz-style chord progressions, synched with drum loops in your favorite DAW software to use for solo practice, in various keys (for lead guitarists and pianists)
  • using the Idea Tool (full version only) to quickly generate chord progressions (random key, or user-specified) to help you come up with other parts for your songs, if you’re stuck and only have one part.
  • using the Melody Generator (full version only) to come up with melodies (for lead parts, vocal melodies, countermelodies underneath vocals, and much more!)
  • using the Melody Generator in VST mode (inside your favorite DAW), to hear how random, in-key melodies might sound over your half-finished audio tracks (perfectly in sync). You can generate a new/random melody idea over and over again, in any scale, any key, over any chord! Especially useful for singer/songwriters who have no problem coming up with chords and lyrics, but can’t seem to come up with melodies for their lyrics.
  • for making ambient/soundtrack-ish music. Use some of the pre-made “ambient” chord progressions from the Chord Progression Browser, and get ideas going fast!
  • layer various melodic phrases together (on different tracks, with different instruments if you like) to create dense, polyrhythmic harmonic textures that otherwise would take a lot of time (and musical theory knowledge) to complete, in any other program!