Tutorial Videos mentioned in this Chapter: Part 13 - Drag-N-Drop

Simple Drag-N-Drop Functionality

RapidComposer has the useful ability to drag-n-drop individual tracks (assuming they have Phrases or Generators on them already, as they should!) or an entire Composition, into tracks in your favorite DAW. This works in standalone mode, or in VST mode.

Some DAWs require MIDI tracks to be pre-created, while others (such as Reaper 4) allow you to simply drag on any track in your DAW (Reaper’s tracks are universal: audio/midi/anything).

Drag Entire Composition

To drag your entire Composition to separate MIDI tracks in your DAW, hold the CTRL key, and left-drag this icon:

Your DAW should then either automatically import the MIDI, or ask you if you’d like to put each RC track onto different MIDI tracks inside your DAW (Reaper asks if you’d like to expand the MIDI tracks to match the number of tracks you created in your RC Composition).

Drag One Track At A Time

Hold the CTRL key, and left-drag the track header (in the screenshot, drag the word “Piano”.