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~~NOTOC~~ =====Drag And Drop===== ==== 1. Dragging MIDI to RapidComposer ==== You can drag and drop MIDI (either files or directly from DAWs) to any track or the master track. Dragging should work from most DAWs that use the standard D&D procedures. Only the first track is inserted from the MIDI files. You can import multiple tracks under the MIDI Import tab. {{:en:overview:dragmiditorc.png|}} \\ \\ === 1.1 Dragging MIDI to tracks (with real-time preview) === If you hold down the Ctrl key, the dragged MIDI is analyzed for chords, and its relative form is dropped which automatically adhere to the master track chords. If you do not hold down Ctrl during dragging, the original MIDI notes are placed in the track. Some DAWs (like Reaper) do not make it possible to show a live preview of the dragged phrase, because the file data is created only when dropping the MIDI data. However it is still possible to drop MIDI from Reaper. === 1.2 Dragging MIDI to the master track (with real-time preview) === The dragged MIDI file is analysed for chords which you can drop on the master track. Monophonic files without harmony do not work. === 1.3 Dragging MIDI to rhythm drop targets === It is possible to drop a MIDI file on "rhythm drop targets". In this case the rhythm will be extracted from the first track of the MIDI data. === 1.4 Dragging MIDI to the RC window === This will open the MIDI Import page for specifying further options \\ \\ ==== 2. Dragging MIDI from RapidComposer to DAW (or to Explorer/Finder) ==== {{:en:overview:dragmidifromrc.png|}} \\ \\ === 2.1 Dragging the whole composition === Use Ctrl-drag on the file icon. Muted tracks will not be included. You can select a section to drag by making a timeline selection. === 2.2 Dragging a single track === Ctrl-drag the track name. You can select a section to drag by making a timeline selection. === 2.2 Dragging selected phrases as MIDI (from v3.5) === Ctrl-Alt-Shift+drag phrases \\ \\ ==== 3. Dragging and dropping rhythm ==== It is possible to drag the rhythm part of phrases, or drop a rhythm pattern on phrases. {{:en:overview:dragrhythm.png|}} \\ \\ === 3.1 Dragging rhythm from phrases === Alt+drag phrase === 3.2 Dragging rhythm from the Rhythm Browser === Drag phrase from the Rhythm Browser === 3.3 Dropping rhythm to phrases === If the phrase is a generator its rhythm is replaced, unless you hold down Ctrl, which means adding an "Apply Rhythm" variation. For normal phrases an "Apply Rhythm" variation is added with the dropped rhythm. === 3.4 Dropping rhythm to the Rhythm Browser === Drop the dragged rhythm to save it in the Rhythm Browser === 3.5 Dropping rhythm to tracks === Dropping a rhythm pattern on a track will add it as a new phrase. This is very useful for percussion tracks. \\ \\ ==== 4. Dragging phrases in and between tracks ==== Inversions, copying, ghost copying, moving to other tracks belong here. === 4.1 Inversions === Drag phrases vertically to make an inversion of the phrase. The way the phrase is inverted depends on the "Phrase Transpose" setting over the workspace. Notes: when moving up, the bottom notes of the phrase move up. This won't preserve the phrase shape, but the harmony and rhythm will be the same. Phrase: when moving up, all phrase notes move up to the next chord note. This preserves the phrase shape. Octave: this setting allows the phrase to move by octaves only === 4.2 Copying phrases/notes === Ctrl-drag phrases or notes === 4.3 Ghost copying phrases === Ctrl-Shift-drag phrases to make a ghost copy. The "copy" will follow the changes in the original phrase. You can choose to apply the variations on the original phrase, or not. === 4.4 Moving phrase between tracks === During a normal drag operation, you can drag the phrases to other tracks. \\ \\ ==== 5. Dragging and dropping chord progressions ==== You can drag chord progressions from the browser or from the Chord Selector ("Drag" button in progression editor) {{:en:overview:dragprogressions.png|}} \\ \\ === 5.1 Dropping a chord progression on the master track === By default chord lengths are preserved if there are lengths assigned to chords in the progression. You can ignore the lengths by dropping the progression using the Ctrl key. === 5.2 Dropping a chord progression on the timeline selection === The chords are placed automatically in the selected timeline range. This many not be possible if the selection is too short, so make sure the chords will fit into the selection.