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 {{:​en:​overview:​randommelodygenerator.png|}} {{:​en:​overview:​randommelodygenerator.png|}}
 +===Random Melody Generator Settings===
 +  * **Options**:​
 +    * **Wide Melody (Bigger Steps)**: allow bigger jumps for notes.
 +    * **Last Note Is I**: the last note becomes the root note of tonic
 +    * **Force Chord Note For Notes Longer Than 2/4**: longer notes will be chord notes when this option is checked
 +  * **Harmony Note Probability**:​ higher probability means more chord notes will be used in the melody
 +  * **Note Range**: melody notes will be generated in the note range. Default: G2-F4
 +  * **Note Repetition Probability**:​ higher probability means more notes repeated.
 ------------------------------- -------------------------------
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 {{:​en:​overview:​strumpatterngenerator.png|}} {{:​en:​overview:​strumpatterngenerator.png|}}
 =====Working with phrase generators===== =====Working with phrase generators=====