In version 3.3 the workflow and user interface for selecting and editing chords was improved.

Editing Chords On The Master Track

Clicking on a master track chord will display a few options above the chord, and the Quick Suggestions pop-up below the chord:

The buttons on the top allow you to select the chord using the Chord Selector, Circle Of Fifths Chart, MIDI keyboard and computer keyboard (in this order).

The Quick Suggestions pop-up is fully configurable; you can select what you want to display by clicking on the menu button in its top right corner. Clicking on “More suggestions” will open a more detailed pop-up with suggestions for multiple chords:

Using The Chord Selector

The Chord Selector is a flexible and universal way to

  • select chords for the master track
  • edit, generate and save chord progressions
  • preview the edited phrase in the Phrase Editor
  • preview the currently selected phrase in the Phrase Browser
  • preview the selected phrase from the composition

using any chords. This is the 'target' that you select on the top half of the Chord Selector.

The bottom part shows the methods for chord selection:

  • Chord List
  • Scale Degrees
  • Palette
  • Builder
  • Circle Of Fifths

All methods share the same color and preview options that you can select in the “Options” menu.

Using Circle Of Fifths Chart

The “Circle Of Fifths Chart” is usable when the scale is one of the 'church' modes. The same chord preview settings are used here, as in the Chord Selector. The menu in the top right corner offers choices to set the master track scale when clicking on a mode or chord.

Using The MIDI Keyboard For Chord Selection

Enter chords from your MIDI keyboard by holding down more than 2 keys. You can toggle keys on the displayed keyboard with the mouse. If the held down keys cannot be located in the chord library, semitone offsets are displayed. E.g. when you hold down C, C# and D, the chord name will become “C+1+2”. If that makes a valid chord, you can add it to the chord library. There is an option to jump to the next chord when you want to enter multiple chords from the MIDI keyboard.

Using The Computer Keyboard For Typing Chord Names

You can type several chords separated by space to set multiple master track chords at the same time: