2. Audio Settings

Make noise!

Setting up audio is required when you want the program to generate sound, that is when you plan to use either VSTi or soundfont instrument. Setting up audio is not necessary when you work with MIDI tracks and send MIDI data to other software or to a hardware synth. In this case a very precise internal sequencer is used.


Audio API: [Windows:] Select one of ASIO (recommended), Windows MME (not recommended), WASAPI shared or exclusive mode
[macOS:] CoreAudio is the only choice here.
Audio Device: The audio device that you will use, e.g. built-in, or USB sound card
ASIO Channels: [Windows only] ASIO channels to use
Sample Rate: It is best to use the default sample rate for the device
Preferred Buffer Size: The latency depends on the buffer size, the smaller the buffer the lower the latency is.
Test Audio Press to check if your audio device works. A 440Hz sine signal at -6 dB is sent to your audio hardware.
Master Gain: Adjust Master Gain. This setting affects all audio and is applied as the last step before sending the audio to the output device.
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