3. VSTi Settings

Get the perfect sound in your composition!

In the beginning for small projects use a GM VSTi like
M-Audio - GM Module

You need to add each VST instrument to the list of plug-ins before using them in RapidComposer. When you add a plug-in, an instrument file is created (.rcINST) with the presets. You can assign tags to presets in the Instrument Browser. The tags will also be saved in the .rcINST file.

As a unique feature of RapidComposer you can save the internal state of a VSTi plug-in as an instrument, to be used at a later time.


Remove Remove the selected plug-in from the list. The plug-in will not be offered in the instrument menu anymore
Also delete .rcINST file You can delete the instrument file when removing the plug-in if you don't need it anymore
Add Add a new plug-in to the list
Load once; plug-in handles multiple MIDI channels The plug-in will be loaded only once instead of creating an instance for each RC track. Each track will use a different channel in the loaded plug-in.
Overwrite existing instrument file (.rcINST) An instrument file is always created with the plug-in presets in the /DB directory. If checked, an existing instrument file will be overwritten. Uncheck if you have such a file already with tags that you don't want to loose.
Scan Directory For VSTi Plugins… You can scan your VST directory to add all plug-ins. However this is not recommended, as all plug-ins are loaded into the application address space and executed afterwards, which can crash RapidComposer for a faulty plug-in.