"RapidComposer is a fundamental rethink of every important aspect of computer composition. Structure and surface are wonderfully entangled in RapidComposer, casting a tool that puts ideas, form and texture at the forefront as never before."
Casey James Basichis
Composer - Cartoon Network

Computer Music Innovation Award
Breaking new ground, RapidComposer is an amazing [...] compositional tool - we're impressed!
Computer Music Magazine

"RapidComposer is a remarkable composition tool for musicians. It's often classified as a sequencer, which is technically accurate, but it's so much more! To quote another user,"The potential of this program is VAST." There are many cool built-in features and tricks designed to help musicians, producers, and songwriters compose songs. [...] Thank you MusicDevelopments for developing this fantastic creative environment."
Tommy Zai, Gearslutz review

Introducing RapidComposer WindowsmacOS

RapidComposer is a rapid music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles.
Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply ready to take your music to the next level, RapidComposer is the complete solution you need for faster and more productive music composition.

Latest version: v3.3 (September 4, 2017)

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RapidComposer features (click on a feature to see screenshots, NOTE: most screenshots are from earlier versions... ):

Composition workspace. Click for bigger screenshot
Composition workspace. Click for bigger screenshot
Idea Tool. Click for bigger screenshot
Idea Tool. Click for bigger screenshot
Chord rules editor. Click for bigger screenshot
Chord rules editor. Click for bigger screenshot
Harmonization results. Click for bigger screenshot
Harmonization results. Click for bigger screenshot

Focus On Music!

RapidComposer allows you to focus on the big picture instead of tinkering with notes. As a composer you want to work with scales, chords, phrases and variations. With the unique non-destructive approach of the software you can modify ANY aspect of your composition ANY TIME, even at the highest level. For example you can change the structure (add a new verse or line or remove them), or use a different scale/chord progression or a different key even on a finished composition.

You can drag and drop a chord progression on your composition (or any part of it) if you want to. The phrases are smart, they always conform to the current chord and scale so you cannot go wrong. Thanks to the advanced instrument management when you select an acoustic guitar instrument, guitar chords will automatically be used for that track. Not to mention that you can add your own tags to instruments. These were just a few examples, you must try it yourself! You will see that your ideas will come to life in virtually no time.

Be Original!

You won't find dozens of musical styles, or thousands of ready-made patterns included with this application. However we provide you amazing tools to unleash your creativity. With the included phrase and rhythm generators you can generate thousands of musically useful phrases based on your requirements. The Idea Tool will generate a multitrack composition after setting up the conditions and rules of the tool and pressing the "Generate" button. This application is an infinite source of inspiration, and soon you will be wondering how you could have ever worked without it.

Music Interpretation

Whenever you import a MIDI file or record from your keyboard, RapidComposer will analyse the notes, fill the master track with harmonies, and convert the notes to relative form. The advantage of separating the form and harmony is significant, e.g. you can play back a Bach piece using the chords of Hotel California! Or listen to your composition in another key, or with another chord progression. The possibilities are endless. Unlike other music prototyping software, the imported notes will not change; there is no reason the imported file should sound differently. You can manually override automatic harmonization decisions from chord suggestions.


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