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Feature                                                                                     Light Edition
for hobbyist
Full Edition
for professional composers
Core functionality: creating, editing, generating phrases, phrase and rhythm generators, variations, melody harmonization, chord progression editing and generating...
VST, VST3 instrument and effect plug-ins and soundfont (.SF2) support
Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording
Standalone and VST3/AU plug-ins (64-bit only, for Windows and macOS)
Melody Generation (Melody Generator, Motive Generator, Markov Melody Generator, Random Melody Generator)✓ (except for Motive Generator)
Melody Editor tab (motive generating and editing, same functionality as Melodya)
Percussion Generator to create original percussion phrases
Idea Tool to generate a multitrack composition based on your rules
Articulations for phrases and individual notes
Phrase Morphing 
MIDI Transformer to generate similar sequences from a dropped MIDI file
Unlimited tempo and signature changes in the composition