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RapidComposer Frequently Asked Questions


Upgrading RapidComposer to version 5.0:

Click here for detailed upgrade information

Other questions:

Is RapidComposer another DAW (digital audio workstation)?

DAWs are great for mixing and mastering but they are not intended for music composition. RapidComposer is a dedicated application for music composers with non-destructive editing and features that you won't find even in the best DAW applications. Not because RapidComposer is better than a DAW; it is a different tool for a different purpose.

Are the Windows and macOS versions different products?

No, these are one product. All customers get both the Windows and macOS versions.

What is the workflow?

RapidComposer supports all kinds of workflows. Typically it is where you start and finish the composition, then you export the composition as a standard MIDI file which you import in your favourite DAW for mastering. Dragging and dropping tracks and phrases works between RapidComposer and your DAW.

Is this a boxed product? Can I order the program at my local music store?

We don't have a fancy boxed product with shiny wrapping. The purchase is electronic delivery only.

Can I install it on my laptop as well as on my studio PC?

Yes, three installations are allowed when you buy a license. You can install RapidComposer on three different computers as long as they are not used simultaneously.

Are there educational discounts for students and teachers ?

Please contact us through the support form. We decide personal discounts on individual basis. Proof of eligibility required.

Can press members get a free RapidComposer license to write a review ?

If you are a member of the press, contact us for an NFR license.

I'd really like RapidComposer to support feature X, can you add it ?

We would be glad to hear what you'd like to see in RapidComposer. We have already implemented many user suggestions in RapidComposer.

How frequently is RapidComposer updated and improved ?

RapidComposer is one of the most dynamically developed applications which means continuous development in the last 12 years! We release updates with new features regularly, every 1-2 months. Major updates may take several months to release with a long beta testing period before the release.

I bought a RapidComposer LE license. Can I upgrade to the standard edition?

Yes, you can upgrade for the price difference between the two editions. Please contact us to get a coupon code for upgrading.