Syne is a fully modular additive synthesizer with a beautiful analog sound and extreme flexibility with microtuning and MPE support.
It is available for Windows (standalone, VST2, VST3) and macOS (standalone, VST2, VST3, AU, for Intel and Apple Silicon).

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Introducing Syne, the most powerful and flexible modular additive synthesizer.


Syne is a new, fully modular additive synthesizer capable of rendering more than 40000 partials realtime on a recent CPU (=powerful) while having full control over each partial (=flexible). This allows making complex sounds that are not possible with other types of synthesis.

Download demo version

Windows: download installer (standalone, VST2, VST3)
(system requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit), processor with at least SSE3 support)
macOS: download installer (standalone, VST2, VST3, AU)
(system requirements: macOS 10.11 - 12.1, Apple Silicon or Intel processor with at least SSE3 support)

No internet required to run the demo or full versions.


All sounds are DRY, so no reverb, chorus, or any postprocessing was used.



Cleanest possible analog sound

There is only one thing better than having a good antialiasing filter: when you don't need one. Additive synthesis is trivially bandlimited simply by not generating harmonics higher than half the sampling rate. Syne provides the cleanest sound possible, suitable for electronic music.

Syne filters

Extreme flexibility

Create any moving filters that you'd like without limitations of the PCM filter design! Assign any MIDI CC's, time or automation to any parameters. Set up LFO rate and depth as a function of frequency, so that each partial has its own setting. Use different decay for each partial. Almost anything is possible.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

"MusicDevelopments' Syne Modular Synthesizer is an advanced, unique, and powerful instrument that lends itself to the vast possibilities in sound creation. Beyond genre, title, or category, Syne proves to be forward thinking and innovative beyond the scope of ordinary. Congratulations on an incredible addition to the art of sound."

Clifton Cameron
Pendulum Distinction