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Small. Fast. Efficient. Flexible.
Modern multi-tabbed file manager for media and metadata.

Fyler is a media and metadata centric Windows File Explorer alternative for professional Windows users working with audio/MIDI/image/video/mp3... files. 

The demo version is fully functional (Windows 7 or later required).


Focusing on media and metadata

All metadata are extracted from your audio, MIDI, video and image files. Display, filter, sort by metadata. Add custom tags to files, like rating or comments. EXIF data from JPEGs or BWF metadata from broadcast WAVE files are shown as well as stream formats, frame counts, etc.

Presets included for different data types (audio, MIDI, video, images, mp3, folders...)


File contents preview

Not just metadata but MIDI files, audio waveforms and image thumbnails can be displayed with zooming. One-click playback of MIDI and audio files. Drag any MIDI tracks directly to your DAW.


Reach any folders within seconds

Tabbed folder view with tab presets lets you view your project at a glance. Very fast folder size calculation. Drag files to tabs, buttons, or any menus that will open during dragging.

Spare time by being more productive!


Modern customizable UI

Tabbed folder view with smooth scrolling. Advanced visualization for sizes, dates, or any user tags. Assign verbs and vector graphics icon to any file or file type. Set up your own vector icon with overlay. All colors are customizable.


Unprecedented flexibility

Batch rename multiple files by inserting metadata or a counter in the filename. Quick lookup, selection, filtering of the desired files or file masks by typing. Enable advanced filtering. Display formatted metadata. Easily access Windows special folders, like AppData and dozens of others.

Work more efficiently!


Add rating, comments and other user tags to your files

Add rating, comments, or any other tags to files. Sort and filter files by rating. 


Assign your own verbs to files easily

Verbs are actions associated with a file type, but any single file or folder may have its own verbs that are displayed in the context menu. There are more options than you can imagine. Define a special verb for dropping files. Edit a verb by right-clicking in the context menu.

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