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Fyler Version History

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April 18, 2022: v1.0.4

  • MIDI file playback fixed: instrument selection did not work well
  • Fixed occasional hanging notes during MIDI playback when muting tracks

April 4, 2022: v1.0.3

  • Audio files could not be deleted after playback (file remained open)
  • A crashing bug fixed when stopping audio playback
  • Window position checked to avoid opening it off screen

March 30, 2022: v1.0.2

  • Pressing F10 saves folder caches and everything else
  • Stability fixes: fixed a bug that could cause random crashes

March 28, 2022: v1.0.1

  • Expanded folders are remembered in the folder tree
  • 'Add to favourites' menu item added to folder tree context menu
  • Opening folders containing thousands of files is many times faster
  • Troubleshooting info added under the Support tab
  • Clicking inside audio or MIDI will start/stop playback
  • An audio playback issue was fixed
  • Crashing bug fixed when reading certain metadata from WAV files
  • A bug that could cause random crashes have been fixed

March 22, 2022: v1.0

  • First version released!