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RapidComposer Version History

Check the recent changes since v5.0

May 21, 2024: v5.2.3

  • New velocity randomness option in the Melody Editor
  • New MIDI import option: "Merge MIDI file with the current composition"
  • Optimized, faster UI rendering when the phrase library had 40000+ items
  • Fixed screensaver which was always disabled regardless of the settings
  • [macOS] An error message is displayed with instructions when the program has no access or cannot find the Documents folder.
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed crash during closing, when the rhythm processing window was open
  • [macOS, plug-ins] Pop-up menu position fixed
  • [macOS, plug-ins] Stability improvements

April 22, 2024: v5.2.2

  • New troubleshooting window if you start RapidComposer with CAPS LOCK on.
  • User guide updated
  • Fixed track 'envelope' button which was not working properly
  • Fixed empty chord rules editor
  • [macOS] Fixed crash under latest macOS Sonoma when an alert was displayed
  • [macOS] Stability and compatibility fixes on macOS Sonoma

April 15, 2024: v5.2.1

  • 7-bit CC LSB values can be used from 32 to 63
  • The space between tracks can be bigger, maximum 16 pixels (Settings / User Interface / Track separator height)
  • The maximum frequency in the MIDI CC function generator is 8.0 (cycles per quarter note)
  • Dragging phrases to percussion tracks will not transpose the phrase
  • Fixed occasional black parts when inspectors are opened in separate windows
  • Fixed: empty chord palette

April 8, 2024: v5.2.0

  • 'Song View' implemented that displays the composition line by line, showing the chords and optionally the notes
  • Reworked rhythm processing in the MIDI Mutator: non-destructive options added
  • Melody section added to the MIDI Mutator
  • Fully reworked rhythm processing under the Rhythm tab in the Phrase Inspector: many non-destructive options added in a separate inspector
  • New setting: selection between "conventional notation" and "alternative notation" when showing scale degrees
  • "Modify existing phrase by AI" added to Phrase Editor
  • The folder track optionally shows all notes of the included tracks
  • Chord builder menu added to master track chords
  • Option added to save multiple selected phrases as rhythm into the rhythm browser in the Phrase Inspector
  • Saving phrases/rhythm into the library is many times faster
  • In the chord builder it is possible to select multiple notes by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys when clicking
  • The 'DAW view' button moved to the editing mode menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts added for forward/rewind
  • Keyboard shortcut added for collecting all scales for the selected chords. The scales are displayed below the master track.
  • Keyboard shortcut added for opening the VST/VST3 editor for the selected track
  • UI improvements when using high DPI
  • Stability improvements

March 12, 2024: v5.1.4

  • Fixed: due to server configuration changes, update checking stopped working

February 26, 2024: v5.1.3

  • Fixed: using VST3/VST instruments for metronome works well
  • Fixed: metronome did not sound during recording in the Phrase Editor
  • New snap and grid settings: 3/32, 3/16, 3/8, 3/4 (existing 3/4 snap fixed)
  • Small UI rendering fix when multiple buttons displayed
  • [macOS] Reverted to old locking mechanism due to rare unexplained crashes

January 30, 2024: v5.1.2

  • Fixed occasional hanging when loading another composition with plug-ins
  • [macOS] Fixed text editing issues

January 23, 2024: v5.1.1

  • Reworked and clarified prompts and a simpler syntax used for phrases when communicating with GPT models
  • Improved interpretation of GPT replies 
  • Fixed a bug when longer phrases were used in the Idea Tool ('Add New Part' mode)
  • Minor UI improvements

January 15, 2024: v5.1.0

  • AI suggestions implemented in various places in the program. An OpenAI API key is required to use this functionality. It is possible to get suggestions for chord replacement, chord progressions, chord rules, scales, phrases, tracks, song structure...
  • AI chat window added to ask music composition related questions. RapidComposer will extract and display musical suggestions from the reply, ready for inserting into the composition.
  • "Bend up", "Bend up+reset" and "Bend up+release" presets added to CC browser (and used in GPT guitar solo/licks suggestions)
  • Phrase Editor CC editing menu: "Insert CC browser selection"
  • UI improvements in the Chord Selector, "For Chord Progression" tab
  • New idea track option: "Remove used phrases from list"
  • Fixed: in Digital Performer 11 the RC VST3 plug-in failed validation scan
  • Phrase Editor: fixed rubber-box selection when editing note CC's
  • 'AI Suggestions' chapter added to the user guide
  • Stability improvements

December 27, 2023: v5.0.8

  • Fixed when melody generators were used as ghost copies (track variations were not applied on them)
  • Fixed wrong velocities when editing phrases in the inspector during loop preview
  • Improved searching in the browsers; you need to press Enter to start searching
  • Fixed 'save cc envelope to browser' button in the Phrase Editor
  • [macOS, plug-ins] Fixed rare font size problems on retina screens
  • Reworked low-level locking

December 4, 2023: v5.0.7

  • Chord naming selector inserted in the 'properties' bar
  • New MIDI import option: "Throw away redundant CC events"
  • Fixed 'Save plug-in state in history' when it was turned off
  • Stability improved when loading plug-ins and during undo/redo
  • Fixed crash because of a race condition when selecting an instrument in the menu

November 28, 2023: v5.0.6

  • In the Melody Editor adding a new section will select Motive 'A' by default rather than adding an empty 'rest' section
  • Minor fixes in the Melody Editor
  • [macOS, VST3] Fixed plug-in window resizing in Cubase

November 13, 2023: v5.0.5

  • A VST3 plug-in initialization issue has been fixed when using Synthogy Ivory 3 VST3
  • Crash fixed when saving a track template
  • [macOS, AU] Fixed a 'black window' issue when re-opening the plug-in window in Logic Pro X.

November 8, 2023: v5.0.4

  • Fixes for wrong chords displayed under the 'Scale Degrees' tab in the Chord Selector
  • Fixed: when editing 'Notes To Use', octave/scale/semitone offsets did not update the values on screen

October 31, 2023: v5.0.3

  • Memory usage optimized: loaded phrases reserve considerably less memory with less allocations
  • Fixed a minor issue with random number generation
  • Fixed chord progression generation using rules: sometimes out-of-scale chords were created
  • Fixed soundfont paths when soundfonts were not located in RapidComposerV5/Soundfonts
  • [Plug-ins] RapidComposer plug-in offers playback instrument selection on the MIDI Mutator page

October 23, 2023: v5.0.2

  • A warning and a suggestion is displayed when the operations result in an empty rhythm pattern in the Rhythm Lab
  • Fixed: MIDI CC's in phrase ghost copies were not updated when the CC's were edited in the original phrase

October 19, 2023: v5.0.1 (macOS only)

  • [macOS] Fixed display and window resizing issues in the RC AU and VST3 plug-in on retina screens

October 16, 2023: v5.0

  • New flexible rhythm generator: 'Rhythm Lab' makes several old rhythm generators obsolete
  • All phrase generators use 'Rhythm Lab' by default. Default settings were revised.
  • New phrase generator: MIDI Transformer (full edition only). Drop a MIDI file to this phrase generator (in the inspector) to create a new phrase of similar style.
  • 'DAW view' added with optimized display for working in the composition globally as in a DAW. Select and move phrases in multiple tracks, use rubberbox selection in multiple tracks, drop multi-track MIDI files, etc.
  • Ghost tracks added, with 'unghost' option. Ghost tracks contain all phrases of the original track, rendered with or without the original track variations
  • VST/VST3 FX plug-ins can be added to instruments. Plug-in handling was reworked internally.
  • Blacklisting implemented for crashed plug-ins during scanning. Scanning options menu added.
  • Variation presets implemented
  • CC envelope browser added. Save and reuse your favourite envelopes
  • Contributed phrases are installed too, and loaded in a few seconds
  • Velocity editor added to 'Manual Editing' and a velocity bar is displayed in notes. Velocity can be directly changed when moving or resizing notes.
  • Reworked/simplified phrase resizing. Shift-drag edge to scale, Ctrl-drag edge to repeat/crop. Dragging the edge means scaling for normal phrases and setting generator length for phrase generators
  • Scales may contain additional notes, so the special "major set", "minor set", "major/minor set" and similar scales are properly represented
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Separate folders created for each file type under Documents/RapidComposerV5: no more DB folder
  • [Plug-ins] UI rendering and event handling fully reworked in the plug-ins
  • [Plug-ins] It is possible to set up loop in the RC plug-in, independently of the host
  • Lots of internal rework, optimizations and bug fixes