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Melodya Version History

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May 3, 2024: v1.5.3

  • Fixed: due to server configuration changes, update checking stopped working
  • [macOS] built on the latest Sonoma. macOS 10.13 or newer is required.

January 22, 2024: v1.5.2

  • Fixed: in Digital Performer 11 the plug-in failed validation scan
  • [macOS] Fixed crash during quitting in some DAWs when the plug-in was already unloaded

November 28, 2023: v1.5.1

  • Adding a new section will select Motive 'A' by default rather than adding an empty 'rest' section
  • Minor fixes in the Melody Editor
  • [Windows] Fixed installation issue. Please note: you'll need to enter your license key again if you had a previous installation
  • [macOS, VST3] Fixed plug-in window resizing in Cubase

November 13, 2023: v1.5.0

  • UI rendering and event handling fully reworked
  • [macOS] Improved window resizing for the AU plug-in

May 5, 2023: v1.4.2

  • Fixed crash when setting tempo or signature in host while the editor window was closed
  • Fixed occasional crash when using the Modern rhythm

December 20, 2022: v1.4.0

  • The UI engine was replaced. As a result retina screens are also supported on macOS
  • Render driver setting added
  • Timeline range selection implemented (Ctrl-drag on the timeline to make a selection)
  • [macOS]: "Invert scrolling direction" and "Emulate right-click" settings added
  • Fixed: "Show pop-up help" setting was not saved
  • Internal rework

April 25, 2022: v1.3.2

  • 'Remove Unused Motives' added to the context menu

April 20, 2022: v1.3.1

  • Scrolling acceleration/deceleration/speed settings added
  • [macOS] Improved too fast scrolling on trackpad

December 20, 2021: v1.3.0

  • [macOS] Apple M1 is natively supported
  • New melodic variation added: Transpose Notes
  • Version info reflects architecture and plug-in type
  • [Windows] Fixed MIDI dragging under some hosts when UI scaling is used

September 9, 2021: v1.2.0

  • Playback of chords track implemented with options (right-click on playback button)
  • 'Render Motive With Variations' added to motive context menu
  • Chords track length issues fixes (when adding/removing motives)
  • Crash when resizing the last chord fixed
  • User guide updated

April 26, 2021: v1.1.1

  • Fixed: pop-up help did not appear in 'generation settings' 
  • Fixed: entering a melody formula crashed in 'generation settings' when the chords track was not enabled
  • Fixed: wrong font sizes were used for vertical sliders in 'generation settings'
  • [macOS] Fixed rare crashes when opening pop-up menus

January 4, 2021: v1.1

  • Chords track added to create melody for a chord progression
  • Improved time signature handling, allowing not just quarter notes
  • 'Invert Piano Roll Scrolling Direction' setting added
  • Fixed issue when editing notes with global octave offset
  • Fixed UI theme import/export
  • User guide updated

May 26, 2020: v1.09

  • Error message displayed when OpenGL2 is missing, instead of crashing
  • Chromatic scale notes displayed as I..XII instead of based on the major scale
  • A crashing bug with Logic Pro X 10.5 fixed

May 18, 2020: v1.08

  • Alt/Option-click deletes a note (useful when the plug-in does not receive keyboard events, e.g. in StudioOne)
  • New context menu item: Remove Selected Notes

May 16, 2020: v1.07

  • Fixed crashing bug introduced in v1.06 when right clicking on the background
  • Stability improvements

May 13, 2020: v1.06

  • The scale can be saved to and restored from the presets (new setting added)
  • MIDI import bug fixed; scale is set automatically according to the imported MIDI file
  • Send individual 'note off' events instead of 'all notes off' as some instruments produced hanging notes when stopping playback
  • Occasional UI redraw issues fixed
  • Internal rework to improve stability

May 9, 2020: v1.05

  • Hanging notes fixed
  • Note preview works (new setting added to enable/disable note preview)
  • [macOS] Pop-up menu works well
  • Stability improvements

May 8, 2020: v1.04

  • Audio output is muted
  • Plug-in initialization reworked to make it more reliable

May 7, 2020: v1.03

  • Clicking on a shortcut under Settings / Keyboard Shortcuts waited for a keypress without displaying anything
  • Stability improvements

May 6, 2020: v1.02

  • Reworked MIDI rendering, sync to host playback
  • [Windows] the program works well with the Documents folder on OneDrive
  • Missing color definition for the selected note caused redraw glitches
  • Fixed a crashing bug during unloading the plug-in
  • Stability fixes

May 5, 2020: v1.01

  • [macOS] Fixed UI rendering on retina displays
  • Smaller initial window size
  • Stability fixes

May 4, 2020: v1.0

  • First version released